Sony Xperia XZ - Downloading Applications from Google Play™‎

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Downloading Applications from Google Play™

Google Play™ is the official online Google store for downloading applications, games,

music, movies, and books. It includes both free and paid applications. Before you start

downloading from Google Play™, make sure you have a working internet connection,

preferably over Wi-Fi to limit data traffic charges. For more information, see

Allowing or

Denying Automatic Application Updates

on page 60.

To use Google Play™, you need to have a Google™ account. Google Play™ may not be

available in all countries or regions.

To Download an Application from Google Play™


From the

Home screen, tap .


Find and tap

Play Store.


Find an item you wish to download by browsing categories, or by using the search



Tap the item to view its details, and follow the instructions to complete the


Some applications may need to access data, settings, and various functions on your device in

order to work properly. Only install and give permissions to applications you trust. You can

view the permissions granted to a downloaded application and also change their status by

tapping the application under

Settings > Apps.