Sony Xperia XZ - Navigating Applications

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Navigating Applications

You can navigate between applications using the navigation keys and the recently used

applications window, which lets you switch easily between all recently used applications.

The navigation keys are the Back key, the Home key, and the Recent apps key. You can

also pop open two applications on the screen at once using the split screen mode, if the

application supports multi-window function. Some applications get closed when you

press the Home key to exit while others are paused or continue to run in the

background. If an application is paused or running in the background, you can continue

where you left off the next time you open the application.

Navigating Applications Overview


Clear all – Close all the recently used applications


Recently used applications window – Open a recently used application


Recent apps key – Open the recently used applications window and the favorites bar


Home key – Exit an application and go back to the Homescreen


Back key – Go back to the previous screen within an application or close the application

To open the recently used applications window

Press .

To Quickly Switch Between Recently Used Applications

Quickly press twice.

To Close All the Recently Used Applications

Tap and then tap


To Open a Menu in an Application

While using the application, tap .

Menus are not available in all applications.

Split Screen Mode

Split screen mode enables you to view two applications at once, for example, if you want

to view your email inbox and a web browser at the same time.


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1 Application 1 in upper window

2 Split screen border – Drag to resize windows

3 Application 2 in lower window

4 Split screen key – Select a recently used application

5 Home key – Go back to the Homescreen

6 Back key – Go back to the previous screen within an application or close the application

Not all applications support split screen mode.

To Use Split-Screen Mode


Make sure the two applications that you want to use in split screen mode are

open and running in the background.


Tap , then drag and drop the desired application to the top part of the screen.


In the lower part of the screen, tap the second desired application.


In portrait orientation, drag the black bar in the center up or down to resize the



To exit split-screen mode, tap and hold .